About Us 

Educational Organization Sharp Minds is an NGO located in Athens, Greece. The
organization specializes in the design and coordination of EU-funded Erasmus+
Mobility Projects, especially in Projects under the Erasmus+/Youth sector. With
awarded European projects, the organization has kept an energetic and committing

attitude over the years.

E.O. Sharp Minds started as an NGO in 2018. Nevertheless, it counts many years of
experience. In previous times, it stood as a very active Informal European Youth
Group until the change of the legal entity, which kept the majority of the existing
members active.

At the same time, the organization maintains and manages the planning and
implementation of European projects, being a Hosting Organization in Athens,

As a Hosting Organization, E.O. Sharp Minds provides high-quality assistance,
training, seminars, instruction, accommodation, and internship placements for
different European Sending Institutes, Schools, and Vocational Training Centers. The
organization is open to new partnerships for projects within the European region.