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Ioannis Akritidis is the Project Manager and Founder of the E.O. Sharp Minds. He is a Teacher of the General Secretariat of Vocational Education, Training, Life-Long Learning, and New Generation of the Greek Ministry of Education. He is an experienced Trainer in Human Rights Education and an expert in Non-Formal Education methods. He is also responsible for the Management of the European Programs and the coordination Sector of the Organization.

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Ifigeneia-Petroula Akritidi is the Director and Legal Representative of E.O. Sharp Minds. Currently, she is a student at the University of Western Attica, Athens. Experienced in European Programs as a participant and a Leader of missions abroad, she is passionate about cultural promotion. She plans cultural events, activities, and workshops under the auspices of European Programs. Finally, she is responsible for the advancement of the Associates’ Network.

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Augousta Akritidi is one of our Youth Workers and the Employee Volunteering of our Organization. She is a student at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. Skilled in the field of the European Programs, she is responsible for the volunteers’ recruit. She is interested in promoting Arts, Music, and Theatre by planning Non-Formal activities of the organization. 


Anastasia Eleni is the Program Associate and one of the Trainers of the E.O. Sharp Minds. She is a very experienced Teacher of Fine Arts of Secondary Education with over 25 years of service. She uses Fine Arts as a Human Healing Method and is interested in the field of Violence against Women. She is responsible for the coordination of our Youth Workers and volunteers.


Irene Liakopoulou is the Coordinator for E.O. Sharp Minds. She has a long experience handling European Programs in the Youth field. For more than eight years, she has been responsible for secondary checks at the Financial Administration Department of Youth in Action and Erasmus+/Youth. For two years, she has been a Project Officer in the European Program of Erasmus+/Youth.

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Maria Artemisia Nikolaidou is Communications Manager and Project
Management Associate for E.O. Sharp Minds. She is active in the fields of
human rights, zero waste and corporate social responsibility. Work-oriented
and motivated.

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