2020-2-EL02-KA105-006038, Youth Exchange (2022)

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and the measurements taken, there is a rapid and unexpected change of our normal routines. Being locked down at home all day while coping with added stress has caused several bad habits to resurface.
Some of the downstream effects of these behaviors could harm mental and physical health, and as well as the immune function.
This project is based on the interests and needs of youth, covering topics like planning a healthy day, moving physically, trying relaxation techniques, connecting with others, taking time to reflect and practicing self-compassion, and improving a sleeping culture.

Therefore, the “Positive Pulse” project aims to learn from each participant how to improve physical and mental health. It helps promote pro-health techniques in different communities, in order to reduce bad habits and the negative physical and mental conditions caused by COVID-19.

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